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Unleash your imagination with the perfect balance of chaos and order on the largest freeroam experience on FiveM

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Server Features

Some things that set us apart from other servers on the platform.

Custom Content


Ever since the beginning of our servers, we've focused on building a vast collection of custom vehicles and peds with zero compromises.

Community Events


Members can host in-game events (such as car meets, races, photoshoots, and more) with a serious amount of players.

Custom Races


Our stunt and street race minigames open-up more ways to have fun, and are similar to their GTA:Online counterparts.

Vehicle Customisation


We provide various tools to help you tune and stance your vehicle, giving you the opportunity and ultimate power of creativity.

Party System


Roam with your friends using our party system, with its own moderators, a built-in permission system, privacy options, and party modes!

Unique Progression


By playing on our servers and completing activities/challenges, you are able to gain XP which can then be used to unlock new content.

High-End Servers


We use only the highest-quality hardware and networking for our servers, ensuring a no-lag policy* caused by high player counts.

Optimised Scripts


Every feature that we implement is thoroughly tested and checked for bad code that might impact your FPS, atop of the best practices.

Fast Streaming


We've deployed a network of high-bandwidth servers to power our in-game content streaming, allowing you to load content much** quicker.

* Certain issues (such as "desync") are still dependant on the ping/latency that you and other players have to the server.

** Streaming speeds are still dependant on your own internet connection, as well as hardware such as disk drive(s).

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